Glance and Gaze

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Right now, there is something that is keeping our focus and holding our attention.

And I bet, more times than not, we are unsettled and dissatisfied with our lives because we are only occasionally glancing at the goodness in our lives.

There is a big difference in what we glance at and what keeps our gaze.  

The rest of the time, we are caught in a gaze at all the things we don’t have…comparing our what feels like lackluster lives to someone else’s highlight reel. Perhaps, thinking we can finally fully live and love when we reach a finish line.

Sister, there are so many things I want that I do not have. More often than not, that gaze towards all the things I’m lacking steals away my focus from the things I actually have.

It might sound silly to say, but it’s worth pointing out. There is nothing I can do with the things I don’t have. But there is SO much I can do with what I do have.

God is more concerned with what we have than what we are lacking.

When Jesus fed the 5,000, He wasn’t worried about how much it would cost to provide food to all of those hungry people. But that’s what the disciples were quick to report when Jesus said to feed the crowd. Instead, Jesus just asked them what they had – a few loaves and some fish.

It doesn’t seem like much but put in the hands of our Savior, it was enough. No one went hungry.

What an incredible story of how God works – we bring Him what we have, and He provides the rest.

Even if it feels like it’s not much and what we think we need is far greater, God sees it differently. We must be willing to gaze and focus on what God looks at – our hearts. (1 Samuel 16:7)

Maybe you need to stop focusing on your physical appearance and start seeing yourself as God sees you. Worthy, loved, and beautiful.

Maybe that next diet needs to be put on hold as you learn to love your body in this new light.

Lusting after a body type or a weight on the scale is not bringing you closer to God.

Sisters, we need to focus on what we have – our strengths, blessings, and abilities. God gave you the life and body you have right now for a purpose.

Not so that you will spend years, maybe decades hating it. But so you can show up every day to live out your Kingdom purpose.

That body He gave you was such a gift.

It’s time we start seeing it as such.

Yes, goals are essential. But what good is a reached physical goal if you drug your emotional wellbeing through the mud to get there? What good is a physical goal that was done so that the results are so temporary?

Your well-being is vital.

Your gaze determines your well-being.

Gaze at the things that serve you well. Gaze at all of God’s gifts.

From time to time, glance over at the person you aspire to be, but don’t let the fact that you’re not there take away from who you are right now.

Focus on the eternal. Blinders on. Stay in your own lane. Do the work God set out for you.

Look up and set your gaze; you have what it takes to become the women God created you to be.


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