Growth Requires Action

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When you are ready to take your health and fitness goals seriously, what do you do?

  • You look at your food choices, and you make some changes. 
  • Instead of sleeping in, you get up and get in a walk or workout. 
  • You drink more water and you improve your sleep.
  • You create a healthier body by building healthy habits.

In a nutshell, there is ACTION to your new commitment. 

You know action leads to growth, so you create a plan that will help you reach your goals through a set of daily activities. 

When you feel spiritually stagnant, and it seems your faith is dwindling, what do you do? 

  • You shift your focus to God. 
  • Instead of being overwhelmed with the noise of the world, you tune into what God says is true. 
  • You start digging more into God’s Word and applying it to your life. 
  • You build your faith by producing good works. (Jame 2:14-26)

Again, there is ACTION to your new commitment. 

Just knowing how to get healthy does not make you healthier. Much like just knowing God’s Word does not increase your faith. When we apply that understanding and knowledge to our goals, we become healthier in all ways – mind, body, and soul. 

Transformation comes from application. 

If you are anything like me, you want what you want, and you want it now. Am I right? 

It doesn’t help us that we live in a time where anything over a 2-day delivery seems just too long – thank you, Amazon Prime.

When it comes to transformations, time for development is necessary. 

This is how we become better at making decisions when it comes to healthy choices. Being healthy in all areas of our life doesn’t happen because we declare it. Health – physically and spiritually – occurs when we do life and give ourselves the time and grace to develop our skills.  

Think about it this way – our babies weren’t given the skills to survive on their own at birth. 

As nurturing parents, we did everything for them until they could develop the skills to do things independently. Never once did we expect them to pick up a new skill the first time they tried it. 

How many times did your baby fall over as they learned to walk? So many times! You were there – always encouraging – always allowing them to develop. 

This is the same way our loving Father treats us, and the same way we should treat ourselves. 

Quick results should never be the focus of development—no way, sister.

Have patience and keep showing up. Cover yourself in love and grace – just like you do with your children and just as God does for us. 

If you want lasting changes in all areas of your life, then the key is a plan that meets you where you are and gives you tools to develop over time. Just like we don’t want the shortcut to building our faith, we don’t want the shortcut to building our bodies. Grit + Grace: Habits is designed to do both. This 28-day Challenge is sure to help you build your faith and body through physical and spiritual transformation. 


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Grit + Grace: Habits

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Grit + Grace: Habits taps into the transformational power of God’s Word by bringing in meaningful, intentional, healthy habits. What does God say about water? About nourishment? What does He say about stress and worry? Finding spiritual meaning and connection can help the habits you create finally stick. God wants you to be healthy. To be happy. To be WHOLE. Are you ready to listen?


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