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Before the Israelites entered the Promise Land, Moses spent time remembering and reminding them about their wanderings in the wilderness (Deuteronomy 2). He was pointing to the times they had been obedient to God’s direction and how this allowed them to take possession of lands God promised them. Even though they were in the same place, they were 38 years prior – they were a changed people. 

I’m in the same place I was precisely two years ago-beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona.  

Like the Israelites, I feel like I’ve been wandering through the wilderness these last few years. Thankful it’s only been two years and not 38. Today, I am physically back in the same place; however, I am a changed woman.

You see, God is refining me. 

He lets me face the pressures of life to remove my impurities – the things that have kept me from fulfilling His purpose for me.  Pressures, like losing my job, homeschooling struggles, wrestling with my finances, COVID junk, relationships, and life in general, are just what I need to keep my focus on Him.  

And while it is an uncomfortable process, I’ve welcomed the change. 

Why? Because it requires faith. Hope in the unseen. And more so, it’s changing my heart to be more like Jesus’ heart.

Stepping out in faith is the only way to possess God’s promises. Bringing the unseen to reality. The Israelites finally, after 40 years of wandering, found this to be true. 

It feels risky and requires surrender. And oh, how tricky surrender can be.

Surrender means sacrifice. Giving up the things you think you need to make room for the things God knows you need. 

So many gentile reminders in the Bible of how God desires our surrender and gives us all we need. 

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4 

Faith has allowed me to be in a much different place. 

I love differently, impacting my husband, kids, family, friends, clients, and you. 

You see, trusting God and taking steps of faith is the catalyst that has allowed me to refine my message to deepen my mission.

I help women build a life and body they love, not by merely manipulating their physical body – any diet can temporarily do that.

The work I do with them takes them out into the deep end, no longer settling for shallow results. 

I tap into the heart – after all – that’s what God sees. 

When women align their hearts with God’s, then they can use His lens of love—guiding their willingness and desire to live healthier—body, mind, and soul.

Diet culture preys like a lion –  wanting to devour those that are so desperate to change their bodies at any cost because they hate where they are or what they see in the mirror. 

Hate never leads to love. 

My approach is to remind you how much God loves you and created you by design for a divine purpose. 

You are wonderfully made.  Born out of God’s love for you – your love for your body should look mimic His love for you. Love drives you to create habits around honoring, loving, and supporting one of your greatest gifts. 

I pray that you take possession of God’s promises, just like the Israelites, and walk in faith.

If you are looking for support in the journey, I am here. Let’s talk.


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  1. Alyson Daikalo

    Another great share, thank you Sarah! I too have been working on the changing of hearts. It’s a great, faith-filled feeling.

    • SarahAlyse

      Thanks for reading, Alyson! I love that you’ve been working on changing your heart—such a gift for the present and future you. And of course, for those you love and all you do. 😊


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