Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m Sarah. I’m a mom, a wife, and a civil engineer-turned homeschool mom and coach. I’m passionate about my faith and about helping other women reach their health goals.

I’m an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Transformation Specialist. I have a Precision Nutrition: Level 1 Certificate in Exercise Nutrition. I also have my NCI certifications for Level 1 Nutrition and  Level 2 Nutrition. I am an NCI: Hormone Specialist and Mindset Specialist.

This may seem like a ton of certifications and—IT IS! I’m an engineer through-and-through, the only difference is now I specialize in building bodies and lives women love.

“Most Brides Don’t…”

The weight piled on in college and I spent the next 8 years constantly hiding under baggy clothes. I wore bigger shorts than my boyfriend-turned fiance-turned husband. I cried the day I tried on my first wedding dress. I told the fitting attendent I was planning on losing weight before the wedding.

She sniffed and said “Most brides don’t.”

10 Years and 3 kids later…

This is a mama that homeschools her kids and still can’t get enough of her husband. An entrepreneur with a civil engineering degree that found her true passion was helping other women.

This is me.



The Love Framework: Self Love

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So how did I get from there to here?

Was is Keto? Shakes? A swimming pool of cabbage soup? Nope…Nope…And yuck, nope.

 How did I do it? I decided I was worth more. I decided to get off the diet rollercoaster and start thinking about what I wanted for the REST OF MY LIFE. I decided that the best example I could set for my children was to show them how important it was to love themselves. I decided to show my daughter every day, what a confident and strong woman looks like.

How did I lose the weight?

I fell in love…with me.