“Self Love has totally changed the way I speak to myself. It’s allowed me to show myself love more easily and stopped my negative self talk. I view my body with more love and acceptance and understanding. Self Love has taught met hat my body is not a genie that’s at my command. It’s a beautiful machine that needs love and nourishment to function properly.”

– Heather S.


“I am a changed person when it comes to the way I speak to myself. After taking Self Love, I am quick to correct myself when I have self loathing thoughts about my body. I am able to stop and course correct with a little bit more grace for my amazing body and the things that it does for me on a daily basis. Never did I ever think I would get to that point in the relationship with myself.   I have thrown my bathroom scale away and stopped meticulously tracking every morsel of food that enters my body. I have so much more freedom from food! And I no longer cycle through a diet hell that I so often found myself in.” 

– Michelle R.


“Sarah’s course helped me recognize the negative thoughts and feelings I had towards myself and food. It taught me that I can be kinder to myself and still reach my goals. Self Love challenged my thoughts and feelings around food and calorie restriction. I have been at a calorie deficit for years and feel much better eating calories and continuing my workouts. Self Love also helped reinforce and remind me that my weight loss goals are more than just what my body looks like or a number on a scale. I want to feel good, have energy, and also feel healthier. ” 


– Colleen G.



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I had in my head that I would be fiercely fit by forty. My coach was down for it and we knew that it was gonna be epic. I had in my head where I wanted to be and knew what it would take to get there. Done deal.

But I also knew that if at any point the process was hijacking other goals, then I would pull the plug and…

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Three Questions For Every Woman With Body Issues

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I've had a body goal for over 5 years. I've worked with a handful of coaches to get there. In my recent goal, I decided to become "Fiercely Fit by Forty," which is February 4th. I wasn't doing this to finally love my body - I fell in love with her back in 2007 - but...

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